CTA The Easy Way

You wouldn't take a start-up company public on day one, and neither should you register your CTA right out of the gate. CTAs that register later are more profitable in their first year of operations, and every year after that. Listen here to find out why!

Better Boilerplate

A few ill-considered sentences in your disclosure document can reduce your percentage returns, increase your operating expenses, and add hours to your trading day. What's buried in your boilerplate can bite you in the butt, so we write CTA disclosure documents that streamline your operations, simplify your trading day, and increase your profitability.

CTA Profits from A to Z

Our mantra for CTA success? You have better things to think about.  We teach CTAs how to streamline their businesses, increase customer satisfaction, cover their compliance bases, and optimize their performance. Check out our free information for CTAs to grow your AUM and boost your bottom line!


Doing it right is always easier than doing it over.

The CTA business is deceptive. You can spend years in a downward spiral that's fueled by hope, sweat, and cash, but not see the trend until it's over.

Our clients learn to sidestep traps on the path to success.

You can't lose here.

We believe in incentive-based compensation--not just for the CTAs we advise, but for ourselves. If our services don't exceed your expectations, we'll make it right or gladly refund your money.


We want to hear from you.

Helping CTAs achieve real solutions to tough problems is our favorite thing to do. Contact us today!