I'm always available to answer questions, but here are some of the questions I get most often:

What's the first step to become a CTA?

Set your expectations. Most CTAs lose money, but this result isn't inevitable. If you're willing to do things differently, you can become a CTA who is profitable in the first year, and every year after that.

What about registration with the CFTC and NFA? Isn't that what I should do first?

Most CTAs rush headlong into registration, and that's a primary reason that most CTAs fail. Learn how premature registration hurts CTAs, and why operating as an exempt CTA can catapult you ahead of the competition when you do register.

I'm convinced! Can you teach me how to operate as an exempt CTA?

Yes! There's almost nothing published on how to operate as an "exempt" or unregistered CTA, so I teach my clients how to run an exempt CTA that's easy to register when the time is right, and more attractive to customers at every stage of the business.

What else do you offer?

Everything you need to run a profitable CTA. I'm an attorney, accountant, and former NFA auditor with 25 years' experience in the CTA business. I even ran my own CTA. If you want to have your own success as a profitable CTA and are looking for great advice about how to do that, contact me today.